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92851VS: [XP] Test Driven Exceptions

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  • John D. Mitchell
    Jun 3, 2004
      >>>>> "lasse" == lasse koskela <lasse.koskela@...> writes:

      >> However, in terms of the more blended approaches, one technique that
      >> hasn't been mentioned so far is the "backtracking is okay, listen to
      >> what the code is telling you approach". Basically, in your example, once
      >> you started writing that code which would introduce the exceptional
      >> cases, you could backtrack (out of the existing "normal" code test (put
      >> it on the top of your task stack)) and write the necessary test(s) just
      >> for the exceptional case(s) and then come back to the "normal" case test
      >> and continue.

      > I hadn't thought of that. My initial gut feeling is that such
      > backtracking would still be a bit backwards in terms of importance -- the
      > way I see it, the normal case has more value to the customer than the
      > exceptional cases.

      IME, it depends completely on the focus of the client. However, IMO, it
      should depend (much more) on the nature of the criticality of the software.
      I.e., the primary focus of life critical software should be "first, don't
      kill anybody".

      Take care,
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