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9265RE: [XP] Monitors Face the Middle or Face the Wall?

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  • David Dickinson
    Aug 2, 2000
      Alexander wrote an article on office and workspace layout which I did have a
      URL for - I will try and track it down again if anyone's interested.

      My personal choice would be for the monitors to be placed sideways, with
      people sitting side-on to the wall - so that when you're working you can
      look to one side out of a window (to help your eyes refocus and relax), and
      look to the other side in towards the office.

      Of course, this supposes you're in a decent office with windows to the
      outside world!

      Christopher Alexander covers workspaces/offices to good effect in "A Pattern
      Language - Towns, Buildings, Construction".
      Relevant patterns (just a short selection of the most significant) :
      82 - Office connections
      83 - Master and apprentices
      146 - Flexible office space
      148 - Small work groups
      151 - Small meeting rooms
      152 - Half-private office
      159 - Light on two sides of every room
      205 - Structure follows social spaces

      The idea of "half-private" office/work space is important (IMO) - so that
      you can work individually or in pairs without unduly disturbing others, but
      still be aware of what is happening in the larger office space, and have
      easy access to peers for questions/chats. Most office space that I've
      experienced has been appallingly badly designed - more akin to
      battery-farming of livestock than a comfortable environment for creative,
      intellectually challenging work.

      Of course, the most important pattern (which should be made mandatory for
      inclusion in all offices) is no. 90 - Beer Hall...

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