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9254RE: [XP] Monitors Face the Middle or Face the Wall?

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  • Cedric ROUVRAIS
    Aug 2, 2000
      in general i've noticed that people like to have a wall behind them. not for
      the being stabbed in the back thing (well maybe)
      it's just that when they have a wall behind them they aren't under the
      impression that big brother is watching you.
      facing the wall the guy is itchy ...
      where i work the desks that are prefered are the ones against the wall or
      against the window.
      the most despized desk is the one where the screen is facing the door.
      nobody wants to go there, if someone has to go there he'll always try to
      turn the screen (or the desk)

      as a general thumb rule i've noticed that feng shui works nicely: it is the
      art of getting a good karma in the room. i don't think it's some mystic art,
      it's just a study of human behaviour IMHO, and they got it right.

      a++ cedric
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