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91873Re: DSDM is Agile, but have EnterpriseXP founders done XP?

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  • Jeff Grigg
    May 1, 2004
      --- "rachelclairedavies" <rachel.davies@t...> wrote:
      > To the best of my knowledge none of the DSDM consortium
      > members that are behind the use of the "EnterpriseXP"
      > name (Barry Fazackerly et al) have tried XP on a real
      > project as software developers as they work more in the
      > realm of project management.

      Well, as project managers I think they would have been in an
      excellent position to adopt XP as their project's approach.

      So if they have not managed XP projects, how would they know what
      about XP was missing or unnecessary?
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