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90901RE: [XP] Why aren't system developers catching on?

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  • Dave Rooney
    Apr 3, 2004
      > Between OOP, and XP (Extreme Programming not Windows XP) it's a
      > wonder why people aren't so quick to pick this new concept up. I was
      > first introduced to XP when I read an article in Wired and have been
      > intrigued ever since. Is there a large market for extreme programmers
      > yet?

      Simple... people naturally fear change. That's why the whole adoption
      curve exists. Some personalities jump on board immediately, and others
      are much more cautious, with many more in between.

      Couple that with the number of failed promises made over the past few
      decades about tools and practices that would solve all our software
      development problems, and it becomes even more difficult to 'sell'.

      On the bright side, I was on a panel recently that spoke to local
      high-tech executives about Extreme Programming. It was the executives
      that requested the information session, and there were 4 of us on the
      panel who had real-life XP experience (not to mention a minimum of 13
      years of development experience). The four of us on the panel spoke
      with a single voice, as it were, supporting each other's assertions
      about and experiences with XP. For their part, the attendees were very
      engaged with perhaps one person out of 20 who didn't really buy into the

      What I came out of the meeting with was the feeling that XP was indeed
      gaining traction, at least here in Ottawa, Canada.

      Dave Rooney
      Mayford Technologies
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