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90899Re: [XP] Re: eXtreme Collaboration: "Reality Mining" and 1984

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  • Joel Shellman
    Apr 2, 2004
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      I read this article and just had to laugh. So... we can pay millions of
      dollars to track everything people say to find out a piece of
      information that...

      we could just take 60 seconds and ASK the person!

      Of course, that would require trust and that generally requires a
      healthy environment, etc., etc.

      So instead of focusing on building an organization built on trust and
      helping each other, and a place where people would actually enjoy
      working, some desparately strive to make it more and more miserable.


      Jeff Grigg wrote:
      > --- Brad Appleton <brad@b...> wrote:
      >>This looks sort of interesting, and kinda scary ...
      >>"Reality Mining" the Organization
      > trk=nl>
      > That's just scary. Shades of 1984 and "Big Brother is Watching You."
      >>From the article...
      > > Everyone would wear computers with voice recognition. And the
      > words you use, and who you use them around, would be reported to
      > management. "With speech recognition technology, we can generate
      > profiles of individuals based on the words they use in
      > conversations. These profiles help identify the people within an
      > organization who have particular expertise."
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