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90839Technologies and languages not amenable to testing?

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  • Peter Hansen
    Apr 2, 2004
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      Karl Scotland [mailto:karl.scotland@...] wrote:
      > I've always been reluctant to claim that we "do XP". We
      > don't unit test ALL our code - its difficult in some of the
      > languages we use.

      Would you mind identifying what those languages are? I find
      it a challenge, but one well worth facing, to try very creatively
      to find ways to unit test any language I have to use.

      > We don't have any automated acceptance
      > tests - its difficult with our technology.

      Same question as above. I've done a lot of work now in an
      area which I think many people would describe in the same
      manner -- embedded systems -- but we still found a way. What
      makes testing your technology so challenging?

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