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90774Re: [XP] eXtreme Collaboration

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  • Adam Carter
    Apr 1, 2004
      Brian Abbott wrote:

      > Interesting... Does anyone here currently use collaboration tools of any
      > kind or plan to use them in the future? And, how useful do you think
      > they could be?
      > Thanks,
      > Brian Abbott

      There is a Undergraduate project at the University of Queensland that is
      looking at the ideals of XP, and making a Agile Project Planning tool
      from it.

      Some of the tools they have are a Collaborative Toolkit for the creation
      of User Stories, engineering tasks and so on.

      Personally I think Collaborative tools is an amazing workhorse. It aids
      in the day to day communication of people and teams who might not be
      able to spend too much time in each others pockets.

      The basic cons are when the Collaborative tools become overly heavy, and
      then they really are not Collaborative but just something else to work

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