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88731Re: [XP] Story vs Unit

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  • J. B. Rainsberger
    Feb 3, 2004
      Amir Kolsky wrote:

      > ]I don't know why.
      > ]
      > ]Customer Tests are meant to give the customer confidence that the
      > ]features he has requested are present in the product.
      > ]
      > ]Programmer Tests are meant to give the programmer confidence that the
      > ]code he has written does what he intended it to do.
      > ]
      > ]I honestly don't know what there is to debate here.
      > ]--
      > ]J. B. Rainsberger,

      > Not a single word on TDD and Documentation?

      I consider documentation to be pleasant side-effect of automated tests,
      in general. It is easy to write tests that are not good documentation,
      so I don't offer it as a key property of the practice.

      If one writes tests that can act as useful documentation, then so much
      the better. First, I'd like to focus on three key properties

      * PTs force the programmer to use the code they write, driving design
      * PTs provide an executable specification, increasing confidence that
      code does the thing right
      * PTs provide a safety net for refactoring
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