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80438Re: [XP] Necessary comments?

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  • Robert Blum
    Oct 2, 2003
      Hi Ilja!

      > Here are two suggestions to express this in code - wether it's actually
      > *better* might be questionable:
      > 1) sendInPresenceOfUnknownRoomOnDmaStack(someCommandChain)

      This one is slightly unwieldy :) More importantly though, I'm not
      sending the chain - I'm appending it to the call chain. Which involves
      copying and hence is something the programmer should know of.
      (Performance requirements again)

      > 2) write a unit test which simulates a full DMA call stack and
      > therefore
      > fails when you change the code to use callChain

      Now this (Thank you to Dale, also) is great. I have no idea why I never
      thought of it - I'm already inspecting DMA chains I construct. I
      suspect the fact that the error "may or may not" occur blocked me from
      thinking about an environment where it *does* occur.

      I've got a couple of other code blocks that I'll tackle with that
      mindset today - we'll se what happens.

      - Robert
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