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80429Re: Necessary comments?

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  • Dale Emery
    Oct 2, 2003
      Hi Robert,

      > /* We could've used callChain instead, but we don't know
      > * if there is any room in the DMA call stack left */
      > masterChain.appendChain(someCommandChain);
      > That comment is there since 'callChain' would be the more
      > intuitive approach - usually we know if there's room left in
      > the call stack. We just don't in this particular case.

      Another thought: Could you implement callChain in a
      stack-friendly way?

      And another: If appendChain works, that must mean that it causes
      the commands to be called without overflowing the stack. So
      could you force users to call appendChain instead of callChain?
      Or rename callChain with some private name, then rename
      appendChain as callChain? The underlying idea here is to move
      the stack-chewing code to a method that users can't call in
      limited-stack situations.


      Dale Emery -- Consultant -- Resistance as a Resource
      Web: http://www.dhemery.com
      Weblog: http://www.dhemery.com/journal (Conversations with Dale)
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