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80348Re: [XP] XP in product development

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    Oct 1, 2003
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      From: "neelesh_shastry"
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 2:49 AM
      Subject: [XP] XP in product development

      > Hi,
      > Im new to the group and new to XP. Me and some of my friends are
      > working on a product, a XML editor.I am reading XP Explained by Kent
      > Beck, and thinking of doing a pilot with this product. I have some
      > doubts/issues though,
      > 1.People in the team are skeptical about pair programming.I have
      > quoted from the book and other sites,but still not able to convince
      > the team.

      It sometimes takes training to turn on to pair programming. There
      is an article on the Ron Jeffries XP site called Etudes or something
      like that - it's a series of very short exercises to warm up to some
      of the practices, including pair programming.

      > 2.What is the best way of replacing the Customer ,because we don't
      > have one.

      If you don't have a customer, who are you writing the software for?
      Seriously. Someone has to know what the software is supposed to
      do. That person is the customer. If that person can't be on site, you
      need to find a surrogate. In the worst case, that's your project manager,
      but a business or system analyst is better.

      > Im sure these issues have been addressed previously in the list, but
      > couldn't get a pointer.
      > Could someone help? some pointers to previous discussions,resources?

      There are a number of web sites on XP and similar topics; the white
      book is getting kind of dated as your only resource.


      These just happen to be a selection of sites from my
      XP favorites folder. I'm sure there are a number out
      there that I've missed. I know I'm missing the Poppendieck's
      site. Enjoy.

      John Roth

      > thanks.
      > neelesh
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