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80347Re: [XP] XP in product development

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  • Ken Boucher
    Oct 1, 2003
      > >2.What is the best way of replacing the Customer ,because we don't
      > >have one.
      > There's no single answer to this. A good product manager comes
      > close, though. The big problem I've found with product managers is
      > that to do their job well, they have to spend a lot of time in the
      > field talking to the real customers, and thus can't be on-site all
      > the time.

      I'd need to know a little more about "not having a customer" because
      the second-best solution seems to depend on the product you're
      developing. You can send project managers offsite, send programmers
      offsite, grab cell phones, Instant message, haul the customer on-
      site, meet at Brewski's after work, etc. etc. The real question
      is: "Who are the people who will use the product and how can you get
      the programmers in their head as easily as possible while insuring
      that the customers speak with one voice?"
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