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80346Re: [XP] XP in product development

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  • John Brewer
    Oct 1, 2003
      >1.People in the team are skeptical about pair programming.I have
      >quoted from the book and other sites,but still not able to convince
      >the team.

      I love pair programming. But given a choice between arguing with
      people about pair programming and getting on with doing the rest of
      XP, I'd rather get on with the rest of XP.

      Don't give up on pair programming though. Work to modify your
      workplace to support it. That means setting up computers so that
      people can work at them side-by side. The standard
      keyboard-in-the-corner cubicle setup is a huge impediment to pair

      Once you have the environment set up, you can model pair programming
      yourself. You do this by asking someone else on the team to help you
      with a "hard problem" from time to time. Your goal is to get people
      thinking that two programmers working together is a normal thing.
      Eventually, you can point out to people that they've already been
      doing pair programming. At that point they can evaluate the benefits
      themselves, instead of taking your word for it.

      >2.What is the best way of replacing the Customer ,because we don't
      >have one.

      There's no single answer to this. A good product manager comes
      close, though. The big problem I've found with product managers is
      that to do their job well, they have to spend a lot of time in the
      field talking to the real customers, and thus can't be on-site all
      the time.

      John Brewer
      Jera Design

      Extreme Programming FAQ: http://www.jera.com/techinfo/xpfaq.html
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