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76107Re: [XP] YAGNI and iterative form of development

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Jul 8 7:20 PM
      On Tuesday, July 8, 2003, at 2:07:23 PM, amr@... wrote:

      > This has been a very good discussion (at least for me). At this point in
      > time I will stop arguing a hypothetical example - it is just not working
      > here. It is hard to listen to 200 people tell you that you are wrong and
      > insist that you are right - although I really gave it my best shot :c)

      Practice, man, practice!

      > ...

      > Finally this brings me full circle - if many of your agree with Glen and
      > Dale that experience IS valuable. Then I pose this question:

      > "Where do we use our experience within the limits/boundries of TDD/XP?"

      Wherever we want to. When we are faced with multiple forces and can only go
      one way, we have to choose. Practically every choice we make is like that
      in one way or another.

      > More to the point - can our experience lead us away from pure TDD and
      > YAGNI in some circumstances?

      We can make that choice. I've been pushing YAGNI hard for years now, in
      "toy" programs ;-> and things always work out fine. The reason might be
      that recognizing what I want to put in early, I am sensitive to the first
      "legitimate" reason to put it in, so I don't go too far from what I might
      have done had I ignored YAGNI.

      > If not - then cool - I won't argue the point - I'm kind of burned out.

      > But if so - then where? What/when/where might things be tweaked to
      > incorporate our experience?

      Any time we want. All the time. It's just a rule.

      Ron Jeffries
      "Some people take everything personally." -- Ron Jeffries
      "I do not!" -- Ann Anderson
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