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69421Re: [XP] How do agile methods survive in highly structured organisations

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  • Brad Appleton
    Feb 4, 2003
      On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 09:47:54PM -0600, Priyank Johri wrote:
      > What I'm concerned about is:
      > 1. Tons of already existing processes which you have to work within.
      > 2. Lots of legacy systems with which you have to interface and which take
      > time to modify.
      > 3. Cubes, cubes, and more cubes with no way of re-arranging furniture.
      > 4. Customers that are all over the place spanning timezones.
      > 5. Development or even testing which is outsourced offshore
      > 6. Managers who live, breathe and bathe in the *waterfall*.

      Gee - to my knowledge we've never met, yet it seems like we both work at the same place :-)

      > All this apart, there is still a lot of value in agile development and we'll
      > try to leverage whatever we can, including:
      > - Extensive unit testing
      > - Refactoring
      > - Constant customer feedback
      > - Possibly small releases
      > - Collective code ownership
      > -Effective planning
      > how eXtreme this will be, is another question.

      Of course you already know this, but being "eXtreme" isn't
      necessarily the goal as much as delivering quality software
      on time in the face of rapid change :-)

      Sounds like you need a variant of the "Firewall" or
      "Facade" pattern where you team appears to be normal in
      its communications, interfaces, and expectations with other
      teams, but beneath that facade, within the team itself you
      act as agile/extreme as you possibly can, and produce only
      the bare minimum of additional artifacts necessary to satisfy
      "inter-team protocol". I hear it takes a good communicator
      and negotiator/facilitator to manage the inter-team communication
      relationships in this case.

      Brad Appleton <brad@...> www.bradapp.net
      Software CM Patterns (www.scmpatterns.com)
      Effective Teamwork, Practical Integration
      "And miles to go before I sleep." -- Robert Frost
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