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69379Re: [XP] Constant Integration

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Feb 4, 2003
      emmostrom wrote:
      > In XP a task can take a full 1 or 2 week iteration; but you are
      > required to check in your changes at least once a day. This if fine
      > for a new feature; but if the task is to change existing
      > functionality then the task is required to break certain old
      > acceptance tests and pass new ones. This can't be done short of
      > putting in the whole 1 or 2 weeks work of code in one shot.
      > Another poster said he uses a switch to allow the code to work both
      > ways for a while. I suppose that is the only way to accomplish this;
      > but that could get messy if the majority of tasks developers work on
      > are of this type.

      It seems to me that building a major change in existing functionality,
      while needing to maintain the ability to release before that
      functionality is finished, is a good reason for branching the
      development tree. Sure, branching is a lot of work and shouldn't be
      undertaken lightly, but I think it's appropriate in this situation. You
      could make a rule that merges from the branch are not allowed to break
      any previously working acceptance tests.

      - George

      George Dinwiddie
      agile programmer for hire
      Baltimore/Washington area
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