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69369Re: [XP] How do agile methods survive in highly structured organisations

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  • Steve Berczuk
    Feb 4, 2003
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      Priyank Johri wrote:
      > Here is what a typical large organization may have:
      > 1. Tons of already existing processes which you have to work within.
      > 6. Managers who live, breathe and bathe in the *waterfall*.
      > I'm sure others can add more. Now what do you say?

      This reminds me of a NASA science satellite project I worked on ~1993.
      (before XP practices were grouped together and named as such...) Our
      group consisted of some NASA contractors, and some people from MIT. We
      had decided that iteration was good and we did our planning around the
      idea of iterations and frequent integrations. The interesting thing was
      that every project review presentation that the contrators prepared for
      NASA management acknowledged this 'new' process by referring to a
      "Modified waterfall approach" :)
      In reality, it was so modified as to look more like a level stream
      than a waterfall, yet the culture was such that the phrase 'waterfall'
      had to be used.
      It was a very interesting thing to see, and really frustrated me that
      we were doing this 'new' thing and no one was really allowed to know!

      Perhaps this is an example of a case where an agile method survived by
      placing enough of the structured trappings around the process so as not
      to alarm anyone who was not involved in the actual work. Not ideal, but...

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