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69358Re: [XP] How do agile methods survive in highly structured organisations

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  • Michael Kenny
    Feb 4, 2003
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      On Sun, 2 Feb 2003 10:15:15 +1000, you wrote:

      >We are interested in finding out from practitioners experienced in using
      >agile methods such as XP, whether agile methods fit better with certain
      >types of organisations than others and if so why?
      >We would be interested in any personal experiences, stories or case
      >studies as such
      >Thanks in advance
      >Michael Lane

      An XP team will produce excellent software, stable, bug free etc.
      In a command-control organisation the danger is that the software you
      produce is not what is needed however perfect it may be.

      What's going on? The team is great at using negotiation/feedback loops
      to build what we think is needed. But this discussion and feedback
      remains focussed on mostly technical/structural issues and is in a
      sense in a self-focussed world of its own.

      Why? At some stage above/beyond the team there is a hierarchy and a
      divide, where such feedback and questioning, cooperation and social
      dialogue turns into corporate monologue or a command from above. We
      want such-and- such a system. That's it. Then you deliver it and noone
      can use it. In these projects XP will be considered a failure even
      though the failure lies elsewhere.

      There is a clash of driving what is needed from above or below.

      Do Agile methods survive here? If the failure is discussed openly the
      organisation may change. It depends on the level of interest.

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