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67875Re: [XP] XP and .NET popularity

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  • cg@cdegroot.com
    Jan 1, 2003
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      Ron Jeffries <ronjeffries@...> said:
      >John Dvorak had some heretical things to say in
      > Microsoft, Innovation, and Linux
      > http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,4149,762868,00.asp
      Heretical? Well, maybe in the Church Of Linux.

      I think he's mostly right. Apart from the fact that the distribution vendors
      are important parties and quite instrumental in steering especially the
      various desktops (KDE, GNOME). He forgets to mention that there are actual
      companies with actual customers and that most project leads are quite
      interested in hearing what these companies have to say.

      And, of course, it is still miles better as a server OS, especially because it
      is quite well componentized (what is a weakness on the desktop, is a strength
      on the server).

      But, yes, something better is needed. And in the works, it seems. On the one
      side, Eros OS which is charting a new course in the security realm; on the
      other side, Squeak which is charting a new course in the UI/interaction
      between people realm. Something that merges the best features of both could be
      a killer OS.

      http://www.squeak.org/ and especially http://www.opencroquet.org/

      Cees de Groot http://www.cdegroot.com <cg@...>
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