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6040RE: [XP] help me out--i'm A newbie

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  • Ed de Jongh
    Jun 1, 2000
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      Hi Sharanya, don't feel alone. While I'm facinated by xp, I'm a novice
      programmer, infact Java is my first language and while I love coding, I
      constantly feel that I'm missing something. It is my belief that this can
      only lead to true OO nirvana (the alternative is what I'm currently
      experiencing and I just flat don't like it)

      so hang in their I believe that tenacity will show results.



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      Subject: [XP] help me out--i'm A newbie
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      Hiie Guyz!!

      I'm pretty excited To be in this group.,amd learn this methdology,but i go
      thru the mails.,, i dont get much.,, can some one help me out with this.,??
      sharanya vemu
      e-mail: sharanya@...

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