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56951Re: what's the deal with CRC Cards?

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  • jbrewer999
    Aug 1, 2002
      --- In extremeprogramming@y..., "Stell Smith, Jeremy (Thoughtworks)"
      <Jeremy_StellSmith@e...> wrote:
      > Are people still using [CRC Cards]?
      > What place do they have on an XP project?

      I don't use CRC cards much anymore. But I do spend a lot of time
      thinking about which classes have which responsibilities. The cards
      are just a tool.

      > I'm reading "The CRC Card Book" which seems a bit dated. I think
      some of
      > the uses/benefits they talk about are replaced or at least
      addressed in XP.

      "The CRC Card Book" isn't very good. Try reading Rebecca Wirfs-
      Brock's book "Designing Object-Oriented Software" instead. (I also
      think Martin Fowler has a discussion of CRC cards in "UML Distilled".)

      John Brewer
      Jera Design

      Extreme Programming FAQ: http://www.jera.com/techinfo/xpfaq.html
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