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52156Re: [XP] Re: Source Code Control

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  • Edmund Schweppe
    Jun 3, 2002
      manaster@... wrote:
      > Bill asks:
      > >Can you say more about your setup and what you mean by weird?
      > It's VB6 running on Windows NT something-or-other, with a
      > not-quite-current version of WinCVS.
      > Weird? You add files to a repository, and it complains that they're
      > binary, not text, so it won't add them, but it does anyways. You
      > don't change anything, yet it finds a heap of differences and won't
      > let you check in without "resolving" the conflict. It gives messages
      > in a variety of colors, which evidently have some meaning, but not
      > for me (and yes, I have RTFM). You refresh the display to see if
      > anything's new, it says nothing is, then when you try to commit your
      > changes it says that there are conflicts. The conflict marks that it
      > inserts into the files prevent VB from loading the files, so they
      > must be edited in some advanced text processor like Notepad instead.
      > That's all I can think of off the top of my head...

      I've never tried using WinCVS, so I can't speak to that part of the
      issue, but I'd guess that many of those problems revolve around
      end-of-line issues (especially if the CVS repository lives on a Unix
      box). I have used both PVCS and VSS with VB without any major hassles;
      in fact, the VSS plugin for VB6 works pretty much like a charm. In
      particular, I've gotten strongly into the habit of using VSS's visual
      diff feature to verify that the changes I made were in fact only the
      ones I thought I'd made.

      So I'm guessing that your SCC problems are generally those of
      mis-matched tools, rather than a philosophical issue. And I will confess
      that I don't always use source-code-control on tiny little one-off
      projects myself...

      Edmund Schweppe -- mailto:schweppe@...
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