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  • Edmund Schweppe
    Jun 3, 2002
      Paul Michali wrote:
      > manaster@... wrote:
      > > Bill asks:
      > > >Can you say more about your setup and what you mean by weird?
      > >
      > > It's VB6 running on Windows NT something-or-other, with a
      > > not-quite-current version of WinCVS.
      > Hmm. I only toyed with VB for a very short time, but I do recall
      > some odd things (we used ClearCase). It was something like having
      > to check out the project file (I think), just to be able to work
      > with the project

      In general, that's true. (At least through VB6; I haven't gotten down
      and dirty with VB.NET yet, but I know it's radically different under the

      > and I vaguely recall something about VB modifying
      > files all the time, such that they all had to be checked in, even
      > when making a minor change.

      I don't recall this being a problem with VB6. The old SDI format had the
      irritating side effect of changing the form's default window coordinates
      any time you moved the form editor window around, but VB6's default is
      to use an MDI format (selectable on VB6's Tools|Options dialog, Advanced
      tab) that doesn't have that issue.

      There's also the chance that you were having issues with changing GUIDs
      for custom ActiveX components. If you don't set the project's Version
      Compatibility to Binary, VB will change the GUIDs of your objects every
      time they get built on a different machine (even if the actual interface
      signatures haven't changed), forcing changes to any project referencing
      the object.

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