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52152Re: [XP] Re: Source Code Control

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  • ejfried@ca.sandia.gov
    Jun 3 7:21 AM
      I think Paul Michali wrote:
      > Do you mean take the source of Ruby and rebuild it under cygwin?
      > It looks like cygwin has some form of console and GCC compiler.

      Yes, "./configure; make" works flawlessly.

      > I'm using WinCVS, do I need to try to find its source and rebuild it?

      No, there's a version of CVS you can install as a part of cygwin; I
      meant to simply use that instead of WinCVS. I'm sure there's an option
      in WinCVS to use UNIX line endings, but if you're working in a mixed
      UNIX/Win32 environment, it's way easier to use one set of
      cross-platform tools, and cygwin lets you do that -- i.e., standardize
      on the UNIX command-line CVS client.

      > What do you mean by "binary mounts"?

      When you install cygwin, you have to option of using "text mounts" for
      your Win32 file systems (which means Cygwin will try to do CRLF <-> CR
      mapping for you) or "binary mounts" (cygwin will pass files through
      unchanged.) Using binary mounts leads to fewer suprises, although you
      could make this work either way.

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