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52149RE: [XP] Re: Source Code Control

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  • Bill de hÓra
    Jun 3, 2002
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      > From: Paul Michali [mailto:pcm@...]
      > How can I use cygwin to resolve this? I have it installed,
      > but haven't used it directly.

      I was being tongue in cheek; one answer to DOS line termination is
      not to use DOS.

      > My problem is line termination when running Ruby on text
      > files. I discovered this when I put the files under CVS
      > control. The files were sitting on a Unix box and, from my PC
      > at home, I imported them into CVS using WinCVS. CVS changed
      > the line termination to DOS and when I ran my Unit tests,
      > they failed. I found that, if I changed the text files back
      > to Unix format, it worked fine.

      Ah. There's a checkbox on admin/preferences/globals at the bottom
      in WinCVS, which will check out per UNIX eol. I don't think there's
      a direct option with CVS command line.

      Bill de hÓra

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