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52145Re: [XP] Re: Source Code Control

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  • Paul Michali
    Jun 3, 2002
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      ejfried@... wrote:
      > Use a cygwin build of CVS and of Ruby, and use "binary mounts."

      Do you mean take the source of Ruby and rebuild it under cygwin?
      It looks like cygwin has some form of console and GCC compiler.

      I'm using WinCVS, do I need to try to find its source and rebuild it?

      What do you mean by "binary mounts"?

      > Under
      > these conditions, all the files will use UNIX line termination on
      > Windows, and everything will just work transparently. Presumably you
      > don't really mean "DOS".

      Yes, I mean PC/Windows line terminations (Emacs, just says DOS on the
      status bar, so I blindly typed that in).

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