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52026RE: [XP] iteration tasking = bduf?

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  • Robert Martin UncleBob
    May 31, 2002

      Am I reading correctly that you are spending as long as a week on iteration
      planning? How long are your iteration? Ideally, you'd like your iterations
      to be two weeks long, and your iteration planning meeting to be four hours.

      I usually write tasks in terms of their "visible" effects. "Write login
      dialog", "Write password query", "Add Employee Schema to database", etc.
      Yes, there are times when a task really does boil down to "Add X method to Y
      class", but this is pretty rare.

      If your programmers are using "But that's what the task card said" as an
      excuse, then they aren't communicating well with each other, or with the
      customer. I'd also wager a guess that your customer is not writing
      acceptance tests. Are you having daily standup meetings? Are you swapping
      pairs at least once per day? Is the customer easily accessible?

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      > From: Joseph P. Graves [mailto:jpg7@...]
      > Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2002 10:32 PM
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      > Subject: [XP] iteration tasking = bduf?
      > I have noticed something in an "XP" project I am on. At the iteration
      > planning meeting
      > we end up spending a fairly long time for stories (roughly =
      > 1 day to 1
      > week) breaking
      > out tasks. Moreover the tasks tend to be of the variety:
      > change class X,
      > write class Y
      > extending class Z with this method, etc. It seems like we are
      > practically
      > designing the
      > whole iteration in the meeting. For some of the developers
      > also there is a
      > tendency
      > to say "well the task cards said to do it this way so we did
      > it this way."
      > My hunch would be that tasks should be expressed in a way that gives
      > latitude in
      > how to do it, but it seems hard to express that.
      > I am curious to see how other groups end up doing tasking and
      > to see to
      > what level
      > the tasks are broken down. What are some of the kinds of
      > tasks that come up?
      > -Joseph
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