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51989RE: [XP] iteration tasking = bduf?

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  • Narti Kitiyakara
    May 31, 2002
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      The team is probably skewed towards youth. We've tended to start with some
      high-level (approach) cards and then ask people to go to the level of detail
      that they're comfortable with. At first that did go to full-day iteration
      meetings, but I thought that lately we've been pulling back from that level
      of detail. (Although I've been out of the office for a couple of
      iterations, perhaps Joseph noticed something while I wasn't here.)

      - Narti

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      From: Ron Jeffries [mailto:ronjeffries@...]
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      A day is way too long IMO, unless most of your team are quite new to
      software development.

      Some teams don't do task breakdown at all, and report that they're
      doing fine. I think task breakdown helps people know what to do: it's
      a design step in my opinion.

      That said, all that needs to be figured out if the team members are
      fairly competent is the /approach/. For a story of a week's duration,
      I'd expect half a dozen to ten tasks at most.

      Just my experience, of course ... it'll be interesting to see what
      folks report.

      Ron Jeffries
      No one expects the Spanish Inquisition ...

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