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  • kent.schnaith@westgroup.com
    May 2, 2000
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      There seems to be some confusion about the roles of QA and of
      testing. These are two very different things. The role of QA is not
      to test the software, but to verify that the development team
      (including both developers and testers) has really done what they
      said they were going to do.

      SQA - as defined by the CMM. Level 2 - Software Quality Assurance
      The purpose of Software Quality Assurance is to provide management
      with appropriate visibility into the process being used by the
      software project and of the products being built.
      Software Quality Assurance involves reviewing and auditing the
      software products and activities to verify that they comply with the
      applicable procedures and standards and providing the software
      project and other appropriate managers with the results of these
      reviews and audits.

      Testing - is described as one aspect of CMM Level 3 - Software
      Product Engineering (SPE)

      The purpose of software testing is to verify that the software
      satisfies the specified software requirements.
      Integration testing of the software is performed against the
      designated version of the software requirements document and the
      software design document.
      System testing is performed to ensure the software satisfies the
      software requirements.
      Acceptance testing is performed to demonstrate to the customer and
      end users that the software satisfies the allocated requirements.

      One of the many activities of SQA is to verify that testing has been
      performed properly, that:
      a) Required testing is performed.
      b) System and acceptance testing of the software are performed
      according to documented plans and procedures.
      c) Tests satisfy their acceptance criteria, as documented in the
      software test plan.
      d) Tests are satisfactorily completed and recorded.

      -- Kent

      --- In extremeprogramming@egroups.com, Jen Wu <jen@d...> wrote:
      > I don't know if a lot has been said for the role of QA, but here are
      > some questions ...
      > Some background ... a sophisticated QA team will do most if not all
      > the following (among other things):
      > * Develop a test plan, including test suites and cases
      > * Structured black box testing -- tested by hand
      > * Ad hoc black box testing
      > * Structured automated functional testing -- testing using
      > tools on the UI (no calls to code)
      > * White box and intrusive automated tests (code reviews and tests
      > like the unit tests that the programmers are responsible for in
      > XP)
      > * Code coverage
      > * Bug tracking (correlated with test cases and code coverage)
      > * Multi-user and performance testing using testing tools
      > Jen
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