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4868Re: [XP] Role of QA

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  • Jen Wu
    May 2, 2000
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      Two issues:

      1. XP does not invalidate QA.

      I'm not sure about no QA w/ perfect XP ... that's like saying if
      programmers didn't write bugs there wouldn't be a need to find them.
      It's never going to happen.

      Some things that developers probably will not be testing for in XP:

      Multi-platform testing
      Configuration testing (sw and hw conflicts, etc.)
      Stress testing
      User testing
      Algorithmic verification
      Multi-user functional testing
      Automated user-interface testing

      If the above is done with automated tools (e.g., Segue, Mercury,
      Rational), they can be development projects in and of themselves (I'm
      used to telling people that QA engineers often *are* software
      engineers). This is not the sort of thing that developers will do.

      2. QA as part of product management?

      This is actually not very different from the traditional view. Product
      management comes up with what the product should be. Development makes
      it. QA makes sure that what development makes matches what product
      management wants, making interpretations where necessary. The biggest
      problem is that QA often does things that product management isn't
      interested in (the same way that development does), and as a result can
      slow down the process. This happens when QA exists independent of
      product management. Of course, this is analogous to what happens when
      development goes off and does their own thing, too, which is one of the
      things that XP addresses.

      Maybe we should apply XP to QA projects the same as development ... QA
      should produce test plans incrementally and go to product management for
      verification that they are verifying the right things? After all, in
      many ways, QA -- especially QA engineering -- is very similar to
      development projects.

      I suspect that there will be a role for someone to know what metrics are
      most useful, but this might be management or product management's

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