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4845RE: [XP] Role of QA

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  • Arrizza, John
    May 2, 2000
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      > From: Malte Kroeger [mailto:kroeger@...]

      > XP doesn't officially have a QA-Team....
      > The question is: Is this a good way to do it? Is this enough testing?
      > ...

      I think this question stems from two basic meanings of the word quality in
      QA. If the QA-Team is just doing basic testing than XP functional tests are
      sufficient. If the QA-Team is doing more as Peter Padilla says:

      ...walk through and test every
      business process (with every possible variation), test usability, check
      performance and stress against standards, and do the tracking work of a test

      then XP is not sufficient.

      I think QA has degenerated into doing just basic testing because the code
      coming out of development has been so bad. If, with XP, the quality of that
      code rises to point where there are no or very few bugs, then QA can go on
      and check the quality of the application not just the correctness of the

      QA's role would need slight redefinition though since the customer is a
      third party in all of this. The customer can ensure that they are getting
      what they want. QA does not need to "test usability" for example. Perhaps QA
      doesn't need to walk through all business processes, the customer would do
      some or most of that. In short, QA role would be ensuring that nothing slips
      through the Customer's testing and the FTs and UTs that the developers do.

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