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4840Re: [XP] Role of QA

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  • Phlip
    May 1, 2000
      From: Michael D. Hill

      > [The following in no way represents the offical XP view, which
      > frankly, I don't even know.]
      > Jen...
      > I have no faith in external QA. I believe it is one of those
      > ideas that looks magnificent on paper, like ISO 900X, but absolutely
      > awful in practice. I've never seen an external test group produce a
      > problem report other than identifying an installation process that
      > doesn't cover all the angles. Possibly, I have only seem crummy
      > QA teams, but that's been my honest experience.

      I thought in XP QA mapped onto the "parallel development of comprehensive
      functional tests" role.

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