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4838Role of QA

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  • Jen Wu
    May 1, 2000
      I don't know if a lot has been said for the role of QA, but here are
      some questions ...

      Some background ... a sophisticated QA team will do most if not all of
      the following (among other things):

      * Develop a test plan, including test suites and cases
      * Structured black box testing -- tested by hand
      * Ad hoc black box testing
      * Structured automated functional testing -- testing using automated
      tools on the UI (no calls to code)
      * White box and intrusive automated tests (code reviews and tests
      like the unit tests that the programmers are responsible for in
      * Code coverage
      * Bug tracking (correlated with test cases and code coverage)
      * Multi-user and performance testing using testing tools

      With XP, there is some overlap between what a QA department would do and
      what developers would do. Should the QA people be brought into the
      development team?
      If so, what about the idea that a product should be thoroughly tested by
      someone who didn't take part in writing it?
      If not ...
      Should QA and development work on the same testing framework?
      When should QA start being involved?
      What kind of testing should QA do?
      How should QA communicate with Dev.?

      We haven't decided on XP yet, but as that discussion proceeds, I just
      wanted to know what other people thought. At the current time, I'm
      planning on using sophisticated testing and keeping the two teams
      separate. I assume there will be duplication of effort, but at this
      time I'm not sure it's a good idea to reduce testing by QA just because
      development is testing more ...

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