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46653RE: [XP] Ask the Customer

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  • Charlie Poole
    Apr 1, 2002

      > > From descriptions of your own practices on the list, it has seemed
      > > that you are pretty flexible in doing what you think is right - or
      > > possible - even when it doesn't match XP practices exactly.
      > Yes. Everyone should do what they think is right, not what someone
      > else tells them is right. It is sometimes prudent to listen pretty
      > hard before doing what we think is right, however.

      Agreed on both counts.

      > > So in practical terms, what's the distinction between one who has
      > > a "tight" definition of XP but is willing to compromise it when
      > > called for and someone who does the same things but calls whatever
      > > they do "XP?"
      > > Not a position - just a question.
      > Darned if I know. We're caught between these two poles: on the one
      > hand, lots of people say "oh, we already basically do XP, there's no
      > need to really look into it". On the other hand, we know and desire
      > that people who do XP can, will, and should ultimately learn a better
      > way that XP out of the box.

      Ah. Or maybe "we tried XP and it didn't work." I can see that would
      be a problem if it keeps people from trying things.

      > The only way I know to learn what XP is is to do the practices. Once
      > folks are good at the practices, I trust that they'll do better than
      > the practices. Until then, I'm afraid that they don't know.

      Yes, that's my personal fear as well. Whether in XP or anything else,
      it's sometimes hard for me to tell whether I've gone beyond normal
      expectations or just missed the point.

      > Not an answer, just a reply.

      It'll do.
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