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44340Re: [XP] Re: cons of XP

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  • Dossy
    Mar 2, 2002
      Dossy said:
      > > All the XP practices are the simplest (leanest?) way of achieving
      > > each necessary piece of the software development process, and
      > > in such a manner, support each other making each practice even
      > > that more useful than the practice by itself. That's why I
      > > say that substituting a different solution instead of doing the
      > > XP practice will be less effective.

      Dale said:
      > Here's my interpretation: XP has only essential practices. Other
      > methodologies include helpful-but-nonessential practices that you
      > might be able to remove safely. But if you remove a practice from XP,
      > you're removing something that is (very likely to be) essential to
      > your success.
      > Am I getting the cause-and-effect right?

      Yes. I feel the way you rephrased what I said is a good way
      of distilling what I was trying to say from what I actually said.

      I'd even go so far as to say that XP's "essential practices" aren't
      even always essential for every single possible project. However,
      you can never be certain which practices aren't possible at the
      start of the project, so you're best bet is to do them all at the
      start. Then, decide how to adapt as experience guides you.

      -- Dossy

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      Panoptic Computer Network web: http://www.panoptic.com/
      "He realized the fastest way to change is to laugh at your own
      folly -- then you can let go and quickly move on." (p. 70)
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