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42974Simplicity pressures

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  • Danil
    Feb 6, 2002
      Situation: two sections of code, with satisfactory UnitTests available.
      These sections, though obviously similar, are such that the common idioms of
      the implementation language do not permit further reduction.

      If, however, one is willing to unleash the forces of darkness (and some of
      the more squirrelly bits of the implementation language), further code
      reduction is possible. ["Look! If we apply Andrei's Pentagram Template
      Idiom, all this code goes away!"] The cost is simplicity - those
      programmers not familiar with the pattern are unlikely to grok the code on
      the first pass.

      In an XP team, this situation is normally resolved by... well, I haven't the
      foggiest. Does anybody else?

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