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  • Laurent Bossavit
    Feb 4, 2002
      > How significant is significant though? I think that depends largely on
      > your context, being a couple days from release is quite different from
      > begin at the beginning of a 6 month release cycle.

      My context was the following : my employer recently acquired a large
      codebase and a smaller installed customer base. Business wants to
      ship more licenses to the product, a stock and derivatives trading
      system. Business wants to improve the product's quality standards,
      and in parallel to expand functionality to expand the customer base.

      We have been addressing this as follows : the plan calls for
      implementing functional tests around existing functionality, as well
      as coding new functionality test-first; as well, we are to refactor
      as needed to get the product into a "testable" state. We have been
      using the planning game to schedule stories of three kinds :
      refactorings, tests, new functionality.

      I'm not sure whether this is incompatible with Ron's advice - we have
      been interacting with an internal Customer who "represents" external
      customers and end users, and who is doing his level best to stay out
      of technical decisions.

      This has been working rather well, though (as I mentioned) I've been
      having a hard time explaining some of the fundamentals to the team
      and applying them congruently.

      We all live in a yellow subroutine.
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