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  • drawstho@aol.com
    Jan 3, 2002
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      I also know of a Government contractor that had all its exempt employees sign a contract to work for 53 hours a week. Since the government assumes 40 hours a week, this effectively gave them a 33% reduction in overhead expenses, which they then used to reduce their overhead multiplier... there was a big stink in Congress, but it was ruled to be OK at the time (about 8-10 years ago)

      Dan ;-)

      "Glew, Andy" <andy.glew@...> writes:

      > > > I've never heard of a company requiring that new hires sign a
      > > > contract to work more than 40 hours per week. You seem to
      > > > imply that they exist, and in fact they are the norm in your region.
      > Not quite an employment contract,
      > but there was, a few years ago,
      > a kerfuffle in various Electronic Engineering
      > publications (IEEE and EE Times, iirc)
      > about government contractors in the
      > NYC area signing contracts with the federal
      > government that promised
      > (a) X number of man-hours of work
      > (b) a fixed delivery date
      > where the company had Y employees,
      > and was committed to NOT hiring any more,
      > where X/Y was greater than 50 or 60 hours per week:
      > i.e. where the company was signing contracts
      > with its customers that assumed that its employees
      > were working significantly more than 40 hours/week
      > over a long time, like 2-3 years, not just in crunch mode.
      > It was an issue because engineers who refused to
      > work the long hours were being fired.
      > I never heard the final outcome of this;
      > my vague recollection is that the employees lost.
      > ---
      > The average American work week is 46 hours.
      > http://www.ariannaonline.com/columns/files/040201.html
      > I've seen such statistics in many newspaper articles,
      > usually with comments such as "The average American
      > now works more hours that the average Japanese".
      > The Arianna article was the first reference I encountered.
      > ---
      > TomPaine.com: In a recent issue of The New Yorker,
      > Newt Gingrich is quoted in giving advice to some interns
      > in Washington. He tells them to "dream big," and
      > "work hard." And this is what he says about working hard:
      > "If you work 80 hours a week, that's probably about right.
      > If you work 60, that's barely marginal."
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