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40292Re: [XP] Re: Teams Abandoning Practices was Weaknesses of XP

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  • Phlip
    Jan 1, 2002
      dhemeryy sez:

      > First, what makes dropping a practice or two (or three ...) a problem?

      A> You no longer qualify for XP certification. You lose the right to hang a
      bronze plaque with "XP" on it in your lobby, or to put certain "XP" gifs on
      your Web site or in your program's splash windows.

      B> /XP Explained Embrace Change/ has a chart of practices linked by arrows.
      If you drop a practice, you must do something for every practice that the
      dropped one sent an arrow to. You must add more Process to your daily routine
      to support these practices.

      If you dropped PairProgramming, you would need to introduce Code Reviews to
      support the Incremental Design (YAGNI) practice.

      Code Reviews are boring as hell. Therefor you must do them often enough to
      work. Therefor you must budget a lot of time for them.

      Why didn't you just stick with pairing?

      Phlip phlip_cpp@...
      -- In the future everyone will be Andy Warhol for 15 minutes --
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