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35232Re: [XP] Expunged Programming vs Neo Pop Meta-Philosophy

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  • Dave Thomas
    Oct 2, 2001
      "Steve Ropa" <steve@...> writes:

      > > So far from wasting our brain spaces, all of that pop culture is
      > > the wisdom of the ages, condensed into memorable sound bytes(sic)
      > > so that we can all be more effective at our jobs (or did I dream
      > > it?)
      > >
      > So for about 2 hours we all had a nice excuse to live a life of
      > debauchery, but you go and burst our bubble. Thanks a lot...

      Expungers don't believe in history. It counts as Big Design While
      Sober, which is clearly cheating and counterproductive.

      And remember, in EP the cost of change is sub-linear, as we give it
      to the barman.

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