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35127RE: [XP] Place for rarified skills?

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  • Keith Nicholas
    Oct 1, 2001
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      > On the other hand, the solution isn't -- by your own statement --
      > simple. When that happens to me, I always feel a little sadness
      > in the satisfaction, because I've had to do something that the
      > average Joe behind me (no offense, Joe) will have trouble with.
      > It's that bit of sadness that I didn't hear in your
      > presentation. That's why I kept pushing on the subject. But I
      > think I'm through now, unless you want to go on. You can
      > solve hard problems, you care about simplicity. One could
      > want no more.

      I don't think this is the real issue....I think wrapping complexity up
      in a way that it can be used simply makes it way more useable for the
      average Joe.

      Java, smalltalk etc all do the same thing, they wrap complexity up into
      something more simple and accessible to the average Joe. Good example
      is garbage collection, as a developer, you don't even think about this
      too much, but it is a complex piece of software that someone had to

      This is what is being discussed in terms Davids discussion. The
      creation of elements of software which simplify development when you
      have those elements, but the cost of getting those elements in the first
      place might be quite high and involve quite a bit of complexity.

      Also maintaining those elements requires someone who can understand the
      complexity and advanced techniques that have been used.

      In terms of XP, the decision to make "library software elements" that
      simplify the overall development is a business decision if they are
      going to require a significant amount of effort. However, I think
      possibly that these kinds of things really do need to be open source
      like boost as it is very hard for one business to get the skills
      required to be able to maintain these more advanced software elements
      (hard enough to find people with good basic understanding of C++!).

      We had a little talk here at our company about Mr Alexandrescus
      techniques and decided it would be too hard to get developers who would
      be able to work with the code even though the techniques are very
      powerful and can be much quicker to write software with.


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