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35096Re: [XP] Place for rarified skills?

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  • peter.sommerlad@itopia.ch
    Oct 1, 2001
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      --- In extremeprogramming@y..., david.abrahams@r... wrote:
      > --- In extremeprogramming@y..., cg@c... wrote:
      ...some points about the advanced and bad things about C++

      > > That's a problem that is I think quite specific to C++, which
      > > is so baroque that indeed there are corners of the language that
      > > are only accessible to specialists. The best solution, of course,
      > > is to avoid the language like the plague.
      > Wow, I never expected to encounter such blatant language bias here.
      > thought XP was largely about pragmatism. The problem is not
      > to C++ at all, though C++ admits a wider variety of techniques and
      > approaches than many languages.
      and in contrast to Java, you might not need to consider the more
      advanced stuff in your coding, because C++ is carefully designed
      to the principle that you pay only for what you use.
      For example, grasping multi-threading is hard and using locks can
      heavily drain performance of a system, both hurt even the average
      programmer without she being able to ignore them or get rid of.
      > In any case, none of these languages are capable of the combination
      > flexibility and high performance that can be acheived with advanced
      > techniques in C++. As I've said, I wouldn't use an advanced
      > where a simpler one would do - sometimes the problem just demands

      I write C++ code happily using the features available before 1990
      and only occasionally the "more advanced" features. Nevertheless,
      C++ provides me much better means of abstraction (OO) as C and
      can still be easily read if I take care. An additional benefit
      refraining from the use of exceptions and templates is that it
      is highly portable, even to platforms where the C++ compilers
      are nascent (like TPF - regards to my former colleague Paul Trunz).

      I do not say that templates and exceptions do not have their
      applicability, but as they used to confuse compilers they still
      tend to confuse developers, but that is a story true about many
      languages. So it is not so much a language deficit but a matter of
      the Idioms and style you are using. And here David is right: "less is

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