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  • Ron Jeffries (om)
    Aug 1, 2001
      Responding to Matthew Davis (01:29 AM 8/1/2001 +0000):
      >As we've proceeded, we've on several occasions (more than I'd have
      >expected for such a small project) had the customer say something
      >along the lines of "has the documentation been written?" We answer,
      >of course, "No, but if you'd like some, you can write a story for
      >Yesterday, our customer indicated a strong negative reaction to this
      >situation. He likened it to a service industry situation, where you
      >have to explicitly ask for (and pay for) every little thing. "Oh, you
      >wanted a bun with your hamburger? That'll be an extra 20 cents."

      "We can't write documentation without taking time. That will be time taken
      away from development of the features you want. Would you like to control
      the tradeoff between features and paper, or would you prefer that we just
      use _our_ best judgment about what _you_ need?"

      Ron Jeffries
      The practices are not the knowing. They are a path to the knowing.
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