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30489RE: [XP] Quality

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  • Janet Graham
    Jul 31, 2001
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      Scott wrote:

      > Unit tests and acceptance tests are the only
      > way this can be
      > done as safely and quickly as possible. Such tests, when
      > kept up to date,
      > are far more valuable to developers than detailed
      > documentation, and they're
      > much more likely to be up to date too.

      Agreed, and if the unit tests and acceptance tests don't exist then the team who is inheriting the code should write them, it's the best way to get to know the code and fix a few bugs at the same time. "The code is the documentation" (I stole this).

      Paulo, I would start with the test framework, have you got unit tests and acceptance tests to work with? I understand your reluctance for the team to just jump in and start working with the code but it really is the best way and when questions arise along the way they can refer back to the people who wrote the code. Some aspects of XP are a leap of faith until you have tried them. All I can say is that I would start with code quality & testing because it's familiar territory for all programmers whether you do XP or not.

      - Janet
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