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2642[XP] Re: Testing EJB

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  • Gareth Reeves
    Mar 1, 2000
      I agree with you both on choosing simple technologies and simple solutions.
      EJB could be considered a simple technology becuase it saves us having to
      write a whole bunch of complex stuff (ConnectionPooling, Persistence etc).

      Further more, the problem here is not the complexity of system itself it is
      the complexity of what is required to test.

      I think these testing issues need to be overcome so that it is possible to
      implment EJB solutions using XP. If not, where is XP heading?


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      >I kind of hate to bring this up, but my first strategy for testing
      >as complicated as EJB is to use simpler technology. If you can solve your
      >problem with something simpler, like servelts and a mapping tool, or even a
      >raw active database, do it. EJB is enormously complicated, the
      >implementations of the cool stuff is dodgy at best, and there's a whole lot
      >there that I've never needed.

      I would say that your design strategy is to choose simple technology first.
      I view that as core to XP. It is certainly core to how I design software,
      and it effects what technologies I choose to learn and use.

      I wrote about this in an email to this list about a month ago -
      unfortunately, a few folks decided to turn the message into a Perl debate.
      Well, I'll add to your Servlet recommendation: also consider Perl.


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