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2620[XP] Position of Power

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  • Thomas Matelich
    Feb 29, 2000
      Its amazing what having your 3 senior developers quit within a month
      will do to your managers. They become very interested in keeping the
      remaining (6) programmers happy. What's my point you ask? Well, one of
      the side effects is an increased receptiveness to XP (when pushed by the
      remaining senior programmer). I've got buy-in on the Planning stuff and
      pair programming. As the person with the most C++ experience, I can
      probably push through all the testing and code management stuff. Now I
      just have to hope that things don't go sour once we start.

      All this and a big fat raise, lets just say I am really jazzed about
      this :) I'll write back as conditions change.

      Thomas O Matelich
      Senior Software Designer
      Zetec, Inc.