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24278RE: [XP] OT: Political Philophy ( was: RE: Why is "Politics" neve r a part of a methodogy? (a rant))

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  • wecaputo@thoughtworks.com
    Apr 1, 2001
      >Knowledge only trumps bullets when you can remove the will to pull the

      I would say that Knowledge trumps bullets when one can use that knowledge
      to create a situation where pulling the trigger is not advantageous to
      one's enemy.

      Laws attempt to do this all the time. Social pressures can accomplish this
      as well. Knowledge of social forces can make a person untouchable.

      Weaker forces can defeat numerically, and superiorly armed opponents.
      Societies where armaments are banned still manage revolution, the knowing
      play the ignorant against each other, resistance fighters hide their
      movements and organization from overwhelmingly superior occupying forces,
      civil disobedients stand against armed dispersers, the list goes on.

      Anyone who wishes can cling to, "might makes right", but history disagrees.

      When was the last time any of you gained the advantage using bullets? How
      about using knowledge or brains?

      I am not suggesting that physical force is irrelevant, but its not usually
      sufficient. Might is not always the victor. And while force is often the
      final arbiter that arbitration doesn't always go to the physically

      Might makes right is not as effective a strategy as many want to believe.

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