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22342Re: [XP] Recovering from Customer In Absentia

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  • Kevin Smith
    Mar 1, 2001
      Larmore, Edward wrote:
      >Our customer showed up, after a 3 session absence (we just finished our 5th
      >session). He then ranked user stories, emphasizing the graphics aspect of the
      >game over implementing the rules of the game. Which is the exact opposite
      >of what we've been doing in his absence. What do we do? I can think of 3
      >1. Stop our momentum on implementing the rules, and do it in the order he
      >2. Blow him off completely, and do it the way we know is right.
      >3. Try to convince him to change his ranking, as graphics without rules
      >doesn't really provide him any business value. (I like this one best).

      I'd go with #1, but only at the end of the
      "iteration". Since you're probably not doing
      fixed iterations, you might substitute "at a good
      stopping point".

      If your customer isn't paying your salary, and
      isn't actually responsible for the success of the
      project, I can see where it would be hard to turn
      control of "business value" over to them. Still,
      if you want to play by the rules of the game,
      your goal is to make that customer happy.

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