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22288Re: Redesign vs? Refactor - mu?

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  • Robert Sartin
    Mar 1, 2001
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      --- Laurent Bossavit <laurent.bossavit@...> wrote:
      > There's an interesting general question here - is refactoring
      > *always* preferable to redesigning, even when (setting myself up as

      Are refactoring and redesign mutually exclusive? That hasn't been my
      experience. For example, the design of the product I am currently
      working on is completely different from what we started with (thank
      goodness, yay test first and refactoring!), but we never stopped and
      did a total redesign. A couple of the changes were very large. As I've
      mentioned here before one major interface addition (Extract Interface
      twice from an existing class and replace most uses of the class to uses
      of one or both interfaces*) caused signature changes in one method each
      for three critical interfaces. It took about two hours between initial
      red bar and final green bar on that one and included changes to
      something like 90% of the classes in our product.

      * - ironically, the class from which the interfaces were extracted no
      longer implements them. That got changed in a recent refactoring to
      simplify that class.

      To refocus, I'll ask specifically: Is there a black/white difference
      between refactoring and redesign?



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